Shan Ying

Research Associate

Shan’s research is aimed at understanding properties and functions of stress granules. She also studies influenza virus host shutoff using mouse infection model.

I come from a small town from southern China. Motivated by the enthusiasm to improve crop’s performance through biotechnology, I worked for academic and industrial sectors for many years after finishing my PhD (Zhejiang University, China) and postdoctoral training (University of Guelph, ON) in plant biology and plant transformation. My research was aiming at finding ways to produce more food with high quality to fight malnutrition, food insecurities, and improve people’s lives

I moved to Halifax at the end of 2017 and joined Khaperskyy lab in 2019. Currently I’m transferring my expertise in tissue/cell culture and molecular biology to support research projects focusing on studying virus-host interactions and stress granules.

After work, I am a proud mom of two sons, busy with the kids exploring the beautiful world through lots of fun activities like reading, baking, gardening, biking and hiking.”