Stacia Dolliver

Research Assistant

Stacia graduated with MSc degree in July and continues her research in the laboratory as a Research Assistant. Stacia’s project is focused on elucidating molecular pathways involved in stress granule inhibition by Nsp1 proteins of coronaviruses.

“My name is Stacia and I have grown up near Halifax, Nova Scotia my whole life. At Dalhousie University, I completed my BSc (Honours) in microbiology & immunology and my minor in neuroscience. During my undergraduate degree, I joined the Khaperskyy lab where I have been studying the formation and composition of stress granules.

Stress granules are dynamic condensates within the cell that have been associated with antiviral functions and neurodegenerative diseases. Developing a method to study the composition of stress granules comprised the research I performed during my experiential learning course and the data I used to complete my Honours thesis. I intend to continue studying stress granules, both their composition and their role in host responses to stress, as I pursue my MSc degree here at Dalhousie.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy baking, reading, hiking, discovering new restaurants, and exploring the many places this beautiful province has to offer.”