September 2020

Coronavirus explained, again. – Dr. Khaperskyy’s update on COVID-19 for The Coast. Interview by Caora McKenna.

August 2019

Our CFI JELF equipment funding announced together with 7 other awards received by Dal researchers – Dal News

Jan 2018

Flu season is in full swing and Denys Khaperskyy is on CTV News again

Dec 2017

Denys discusses influenza vaccine effectiveness in the interview for CTV News Atlantic with the legendary Bruce Frisko

Apr 2016

We publish a paper in PLoS Pathogens describing the specificity of influenza A virus endonuclease PA-X for host messenger RNAs. This work was done in collaboration with Dr. Marta Gaglia’s lab at Tufts University. Around the same time Dalhousie recruits several new faculty members who study flu, building capacity in this area of research.
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Jul 2014

Our paper is published in PLoS Pathogens describing three influenza virus genes that block inhibition of protein synthesis and stress granule formation in infected cells. This study identifies a window of opportunity early during infection during which stress granule-inducing drugs can effectively block viral replication.
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Interview with Kayla Hounsell – CTV News
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